Automatic WhatsApp Replies: Businesses say yes

Are we hearing it correctly? This digital era demands quicker and automated messages and there you are still manually typing WhatsApp replies to your customers. This sounds dated but we all are out here to help you get your WhatsApp account rolling and that too with automated replies. 

But why WhatsApp?! Well, it only makes sense to talk about the platform that’s ruling the roost when it comes to chat-based apps and messaging- WhatsApp. The stats of 2 billion users monthly make it more clear why the prime target for this article is WhatsApp and automation for WhatsApp replies. But before getting to procedures and steps, it’s necessary to know the number of ways you can pre-program your replies.  

  1. WhatsApp Business: All small and medium companies can use this parameter to maintain a connection with their customers by keeping them UpToDate with regular updates, important notifications and take back feedbacks timely. Use this to reply to your customers even when you’re away and keep them on your site until you reach out to them. Basically, it functions as a live chat tool.  
  1. WhatsApp Business API: when it comes for medium and large enterprises, timely messages and automatic conversations can be achieved using WhatsApp Business API. Business API powers WhatsApp Chatbots and hence provides round the clock availability with the ability to answer any user query.  


Setting up the WhatsApp auto-reply function is even though not rocket science but uses all your strength because crafting its content in the form of replies itself is a brand touchpoint. Here precision becomes your best friend cause no user is going to spend time in reading those lengthy explanations. You need to precisely convey your ideas and information using a short number of lines. Not to wait anymore, let’s dive right into some practical rules to be noted: 

RULE 1:  

If your company is aiming to use these auto-reply chats to reply to customers in non-working hours then try to keep a time limit or specify a time duration. Otherwise, it might sound like they are ignored with no specific answer. The example below perfectly explains the same.   

Avoid saying, “We will get back to you as early as possible.” 
instead, say this, “We will be replying back to you within 10 hours.” 

RULE 2:  

Set your messaging style guide according to your target audience. Choose one simple and common language tone and a uniform message structure so that it’s seamless to use and customers will be able to relate to the content provided.  

  1. Appropriate wordings should be used keeping the age-group of the users in mind. 
  1. Avoid using industry jargon so that everyone can relate. 
  1. Apply a friendly tone to all the messages so that the content sounds wholesome and human-like. 
  1. Use straightforward and understandable language. 

RULE 3:  

It’s actually smart to let your customers have some idea about the flow of the automated WhatsApp replies convo. Why is this necessary? This helps to gain customer’s confidence as they’ll feel like they know what they’re doing and not feel lost. This directly contributes to a higher retention rate. They also now know that their feedbacks are actually considered and actions will be taken accordingly.  

RULE 4:  

Personalize, Personalize and Personalize your WhatsApp Replies. 

A customized WhatsApp reply can help maintain a friendly connection with customers which is vital for your company’s success. Expect good mouth promotion and gains in customer base just by creating an excellent client experience. One can personalize your WhatsApp replies with no sweat by simply adding a customer’s name on it, which makes them feel that they know the brand and the brand knows them too.  

RULE 5:  

Back up becomes a must in case of performance error of the bots by providing alternative contact methods like e-mails or text messages (SMS). Also, for emergency contact, official company phone numbers should be provided too.  


A bit of color and related images/videos can go a long way and make the automated conversation interesting. B2B companies might still avoid this step but B2C companies need to include this to attract more customer attention. Indeed, most people prefer looking at photos more than an enormous paragraph of wordings. 


  • Fastest reply ever. 
  • Always get acknowledged. 
  • Genuine 24/7 customer support. 
  • WhatsApp Business APIs verify business accounts and it ensures that you’re conversing with an official account. 
  • WhatsApp Status used as a 24-hour promotion banner is a very smart advertisement opportunity. 
  • Get suggestions about related products and up-sell.  

With all these pointers in mind, we are ready at Kevit to help you automate your business not only for WhatsApp Business App but also with Official WhatsApp Business API partners. Know more about automation and Kevit at and contact us at  


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