The pandemic has forced us to sit in front of our TVs and mobile phones. Everything became online and the education sector did not remain untouched by this. Education, being one of the oldest industries when shut down due to Covid-19 and lockdowns, found its way through messenger apps and video calls. Online educational sessions became our normal life and they still continued to do so. While all this is going fine, better implementation of these newer systems can be done by introducing Educational Chatbots. Chatbots for Education, the new heroes of EdTech can be used for students so as to make it easier for them to collaborate and interact with equal amounts of educational gains.  

The world has moved beyond paper and pen and one can clearly say that there is no turning back now. Here is a list of the most prominent use cases of Chatbots for education.  

  1. EdTech= Students + Technology 

The student generation is always seen glued to their phones. Since this is the case, then why not make educative sessions so interesting that all that time now is spent on attending lectures. Now longer lectures can be sent as recorded videos or audio notes or in the form of text messages. Plus, all the things that students need to search for can be answered by the chatbot in the blink of an eye. So, now instead of asking fellow students or teachers, students can directly message their virtual assistant or instant messenger. That’s not only going to save a lot of time for the students but for teachers too!!!  

  1. Managing tasks like a PRO  

With Chatbots for education, students don’t need to spare time to schedule lectures and assignments. Your chatbot will do that for you! These educational chatbots will arrange lectures based on priority order and remind you every time a lecture is about to start. But the good stuff does not stop here. Your students will get daily reminders about assignment submission dates, tests, exam dates along with membership alerts for the library, fees payment, and a lot more. Now students don’t need to check e-mails every day but just trust their chatbot friend!!  

  1. Tutoring for 24*7  

We all agree that every student has a different approach and pace when it comes to studying. Some of them might have erratic schedules to study but what hinders the process is the unavailability of teachers or teaching staff. Educational chatbots make sure no student has to stop studying and the unavailability of a tutor should be the last reason for it. Be it any time, guidance on any subject can be provided by educational bots and help you pass with flying colors.  

  1. Lead Generation 

Lead generation in the educational sector is all about providing the right information at the right time. Having an omnichannel bot on your website or app is one of the best ways to gain a lead because there will always be parents and students visiting your site. A FAQs bot can address all the queries they might have related to any educational course or your institute. Help them navigate through your website and you are golden.     

  1. Qualifying leads  

Generating a lead is one thing and then qualifying one is another. Taking user information can be done by these chatbots in a very natural flow which is personalized and sounds humanly.   

  1. From registration to enrolment  

Yes, skipping longer queues is as easy as skipping a lecture now. Since we only prefer skipping queues and reducing waiting time, we design chatbots as such that tasks like registering yourself, submitting application forms, and enrolling yourself, all can be handled by your bot buddy. Relax, let your students carefully decide their courses cause now it’s all a click away.  

  1. Easier access to learning material 

From textbooks to external material, from important questions to sample question papers, everything is available on the net and these educational chatbots can help look it up for you. So, if kids have already started preparing for your exams or are going to prepare on the night before, at least your study material wouldn’t be something your students would be worried for.  


The best things that educational institutes can do is to be there where their students are. The automation revolution is going to completely sweep the education sector and enabling educational chatbots on messenger sites becomes an optimized solution. Kevit, with its team of chatbot specialists is ready to help you design chatbots for your institute to facilitate teaching and enhance the learning experience. Connect to us at or contact us at for your institute process automation.


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