Chatbots and AI are nothing new, even to the school-going kids. While Chatbots are known to start the digital revolution and got the ball rolling, credits go to AI to keep the ball rolling. If you want to know about AI chatbots, then you’re on the right article. Read along with KEVIT and know how we set an AI chatbot for an American Health Organization. AI Chatbot is the way now and you’ll know why soon.


AI Chatbots or Intelligent Virtual Assistants- are all about chatbots making decisions, recognizing human language and translating into computer codes and continuously learning. While rule-based chatbots only follow the predefined guidelines and no more outside those written texts, AI chatbots are Natural Learners who can provide a more interactive and personalized experience to your customers. What makes AI chatbots the best propeller across the spectrum of automated communication is a healthy combination of the following factors:  


  • Machine Learning  
  • Natural Language Processing  
  • Deep Learning   


Consisting of data entries, datasets, algorithms and varying features with continuous improvements and updates in them, Machine Learning (ML) can be defined as a sub field of Automation or Artificial Intelligence (AI). With user inputs and experience, these mentioned algorithms and features gets better and better and there is no going back. Betterment in Predictions and customer support is what is targeted and eventually can achieved over the years.  


The current method to analyze language along with machine learning is Natural language processing (NPL). The progress of Machine Learning can be traced back from linguistic processing to computational processing to statistical natural language processing. But the future holds space for deep learning and how it will contribute to the advancement of natural language processing capabilities of Conversational AI   

NLP includes 4 steps:   

  1. Input Generation  
  1. Input Analysis  
  1. Output Generation  
  1. Reinforcement Learning  

Input generation: Any input from the users like their personal information on websites or for creating an account on any platform is considered under Input Generation. Input can either be voice or text.  

Input analysis: All the data gathered from input generation is processed and analyzed, mainly to understand each user and to able to answer their needs. Text-based input will be evaluated using the natural language understanding (NLU) to decode the meaning of the input to our AI buddy and to get what its intention is. However, on the flip side, speech-based input will need a healthy mix of automatic speech recognition (ASR) and NLU to analyze the data.  

Dialogue management: Here we discuss the automatic conversation that the chatbots will have with the users. Natural Language Generation (NLG), a component of NLP, helps formulate a response for user’s query, after the analyzing step is done.  

Reinforcement learning: Machine learning algorithms refine responses over time to ensure accuracy and clarity.   


Deep Learning again targets learning from experience. Every new user is responsible for bettering the bot and ensuring more efficiency. At the time it’s also on AI Experts to keep chatbots and voice bots updated for finer performance.


You know you need to face this question when your company has to hire additional human help or human resources for solving customer queries and need help maintain an interactive environment. But the downside of this includes tons of costing like hiring and training costs. And after all this, employees’ monthly incomes are to be paid as well. Comparing all these costs with the investment of installing an AI Chatbot will tell you how much of a smart and cost-saving plan is the latter one.  

So, a better approach? AI chatbot solution. 

  • 24*7 Availability: Whether in working hours or non-working hours, AI chatbots make sure that no customer is left unattended, and their queries are answered all day, every day. This allows brands to share a constant support experience.  
  • Engaging and multilingual content: Any content that is personalized and meets the user’s requirements, will always sound engaging. Smart media like audios, images, videos, reply buttons and list messages too can make your content enthralling. Also, AI chatbots are smart enough to adapt to multiple languages and hence customers can expect responses in their favored languages.   
  • Reduce x3:  

Reduce Average Resolution 

Reduce Average Handling Time  

Reduce Operational Costs with AI Chatbots.  

  • Commerce is Conversational: Experience better customer service which is both cost and time Effective and gather feedback to gain customer loyalty with these smart bots.  


Kevit automated customer support automation for R3 Stem Cell, which is an American health organization that offers therapies that harness the body’s regenerative capabilities to bring patients hope and options. The organization is popular for its Stem cell therapies. For this treatment, they have been receiving a huge number of queries each day. 

The key objectives of this platform included

  • Handling FAQs 
  • Booking appointment with the experts 
  • Lead generation 
  • 24/7 Availability 

The AI chatbot provide an awesome customer support on multiple channels – Facebook and Web. A single bot is handling the work of multiple live chat agents, plus now it has some more capabilities too – 

  • Automation in daily customer queries 
  • Customer insights with Analytics 
  • Admin panel with bot training capabilities 
  • Human handover 
  • User Chat transcript 

Kevit is here to build journeys and streamline conversations with AI Chatbots to help you reach your customers on multiple channels with interesting and engaging content. Contact us at and check our services at for more cognitive AI solutions. 

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