Chatbot For Healthcare & Medical Facilities

Streamline patient management and healthcare administrative task with Kevit's Conversational AI

Chatbot Solution for Healthcare Service Providers

Healthcare is the most sensitive business domain which requires a lot of “caring” touch while accomplishing patient support. Kevit guarantees your healthcare solution to feature the most reliable and health enthusiast AI tech that will be available around the clock for helping your patients. With Kevit’s Healthcare Chatbot it becomes easy to schedule medical appointments, online diagnoses of patient’s health, e-prescribing drugs, and sentiment analysis the bot can identify the seriousness of a patient’s situation for acting accordingly.

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Appointment Booking

We develop the most reliable healthcare chatbot solution which helps in streamlining the clinical workflow of a healthcare institution by featuring autonomous AI technology for gathering patient information and booking an appointment with the respective doctor’s schedule.

  • Fast and reliable
  • Patient can operate online
  • Remote diagnosis
  • Proper scheduling

Billing & Registration

The only way to win a patient’s heart is through utmost transparency, but when a big healthcare institute gets going it might stand a chance to lose some transparency in the process. With our chatbot, the patient will be provided with every stage detail regarding what expenditure is carried out in the treatment procedure.

  • Hassle free E-Invoice
  • Insurance claims friendly
  • Extensive transparency
  • Budget planning

Outpatient Care

Let’s make this world a better place by providing a helping hand to every person who seeks medical help and to ensure that, someone needs to stay wide awake 24X7. Leverage our AI solution so that each person gets a soothing solution on time to their health problem.

  • Notify appointment time
  • Creating health awareness
  • Around the clock assistance
  • Resolving procedural complication

Lead Gen + Patient Engagement

Hospital bot will certainly make a dramatic increase in the number of patients preferring your treatment due to extensive support, fast and transparent bill generation, proactively acknowledgment of procedures, and many more crucial factors. This will nurture two-way interactive communication which has a positive impact on the patient’s psychological state.

  • Multi platforms and language support
  • Quick appointment
  • Satisfactory diagnosis
  • Optimized conversions

If you are looking for catering your healthcare with a chatbot, Kevit will be one-stop solution.