Chatbot For Retail Store

Enable conversational commerce for
Your retail store with AI-Chatbots.

Virtual Shopping Assistant

Customer experience directly impacts their loyalty and retention. Especially when they shop online, CX is as important as brand value.

Leverage a chatbot for retail stores to grow far quicker and win your customer’s loyalty and constant retention. Help your customers self-serve for their queries regarding products, shipping, returns, cancellations, pricing, and more.

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No Abandoned Carts

Chatbots are great at providing personalized offerings and on-demand assistance which can increase online checkout rates.

  • Increase online sales
  • Tailored Offering

Enhanced Customer Support

Bots can process multiple queries simultaneously in natural language and reduce a load of your team to focus on more important tasks.

  • Increase CSAT
  • 24/7 Customer service

In-Store Assistance

Be there whenever your customer needs and deliver on-demand support when your customers need help while shopping.

  • Increased conversion rate
  • Cross-sell & upsell easily

Notifications & Updates

Deliver constant updates, important notifications, and upcoming offers on messaging channels they use daily using push messages.

  • Automate Mobile Alerts and Updates
  • Intelligent Broadcasting

Try out Chatbot for Retail Store & Capital Goods to reach customers through their favorite channels.