Custom AI automation for your business


Bot Automation

Manage customer requests with instant responses. Boost customer satisfaction and get higher ROI.

Conversational Journey Builder

Kevit's journey builder helps businesses to convert their journey into a conversational journey.

Get Customer Insights

Shape your business processes and find analytics & metrics that is relevant to your company's goals.

Revenue Boost

Allows your business to scale up operations and boost the revenue by increasing customer interaction with your brand.

Cost Saving

Implementing a full functioning chatbot is much cheaper than creating apps or hiring employees for repetitive tasks.


Our award-winning Chatbots are 2.5x more likely to create opportunities over traditional sources and we guarantee it.

Improve Patient Experience

Enhance customer experience with personalized care delivered by Kevit's healthcare chatbots.
  • Prescription Info
  • Medication Reminder
  • Patient Engagement 
  • Patient Outreach
  • Patient Records Repository 
  • Appointment Scheduling

Reinventing restaurants with Bots

Ensure consumer loyalty and implement marketing strategies by harnessing the large user base with AI chatbot.
  • Manage Reservations
  • Promotions and Deals 
  • Online Ordering
  • Reviews and Feedbacks 
  • Loyalty Program 
  • Handle FAQs 

Edge of Conversational Commerce

Employ a virtual shopping assistant and build customer engagement with conversations.
  • Promotions & Offers
  • Products & Recommendations
  • Refund & Cancellation
  • Order Tracking
  • Reviews & Feedback 
  • Engaging Advertising

Satisfy clients & grow new client base

Legal chatbots are great option to increase revenue and save lawyer’s time and money.
  • Legal Advice and Help
  • Collect Qualified Leads
  • Lead Segmentation
  • Generate Legal Documents
  • Book Appointments
  • Handle FAQs 

Transforming Travel with AI

Design personalized user journeys for your customers increase user engagements.
  • Find Hotels & Flights
  • Cancel & Refund Status
  • Booking Status & Updates
  • Travel Plans
  • Customer Support
  • Itinerary Info

Automate tasks and increase the results

Double lead generation and improve customer engagement and trust.
  • Booking test drives
  • Personalized customer service
  • Handle FAQs
  • Managing customer records
  • Advanced product information
  • Quality Lead generation

Adopt AI Automation and power your enterprise.

Handle repetitive tasks across all departments and eliminates the usage of extra resources which save cost and time so you can utilize them for more complex tasks.
Human Resources

Using AI Automation in HR gives time team to focus their time on more sophisticated needs in such areas of development.


An AI-Powered chatbot can be a crucial parameter in your marketing strategy. Get more leads and build a brand value.


Create a perfect sales funnel by generating brand awareness, capturing interest, and motivating users to make a purchase with AI bots.

Customer service

AI chatbots are redefining the customer service landscape, from automating communication to support customer needs.

What else we do?

Automate your customer services and internal services in your organization through AI

Case Studies

Have a look at how Kevit helps businesses to improve their customer experience, increase conversion and reduce operational costs through AI automation tools. Here are their case studies that prove ROI and show the success of AI.

Botvise/Workplace Buddy

Platform to track employee behavior for a healthier office environment


How Kevit automate customer support automation for R3 Stem cell.

MBC The Voice Kids

How Kevit engaged audience of one of the most popular show of MBC.

Client Testimonials

We are very proud of the service we provide and stand by every product we carry. Read what our customers think about Kevit.
Kevit’s service is remarkably built for scale. They’ve enabled us to transform an idea into an intuitive conversational AI strategy that goes beyond our expectations. The intuitive chatbot makes addressing our large influx of user queries a cakewalk. Their technological expertise is a game-changer for us, making this partnership an invaluable one.
Kevit's perceptive Facebook Messenger bot has altered the way in which we cultivate our market reach through digital engagement. Their attention to conversational design and the willingness to go the extra mile impressed us. Apart from their technological expertise, their marketing and customer insights have proven to be an invaluable resource for us.
With the implementation of Kevit’s AI-powered chatbot, our customer interactions have completely transformed. The automation of answering inquiries relating to bone health and our services efficiently, and at our customer’s convenience is impressive. Their partnership is a valuable asset for our brand, delivering significant return on investment.
Building an entire Facebook Messenger platform seemed almost impossible before working with Kevit. Their technical expertise enabled the development of a simplified chatbot platform. Our investor engagement has improved immensely. Kevit does not only bring technical expertise to the table but they have invaluable insights into customer engagement.

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Get more insights on how we transform business with AI automations and idea of how it can reflect on your business.

Upgrade your customer experience with AI Powered Automation

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    Customer Support Excellence

    We can elevate your customer's experiences to a whole new level with conversational component.

    Cognitive insight

    Predict what a customer is likely to buy, automate personalized targeting and provide more-accurate recommendations and offers.

    Boost engagement

    Happy customers are the lifeline of every successful business. Drive user engagement and assist them better with AI.