Instagram Chatbot For 3X Brand Engagement

Win brand-loyal customers by automating responses to all the business touchpoints on Instagram- stories, DMs and IG comments. Show users your offerings, answer queries and constantly drive personalized experiences that your customers deserve.

Attract Customers from Ads

Automate ads-initiated conversations that direct customers to your business inbox. Instantly act on their interest, answer in-the-moment queries to increase customers on the top of your funnel and help drive more conversations.

Accelerate Customer Conversations

Set up ice- breakers to showcase the best of your products and services. This is a good way to highlight your offerings and USPs for new visitors. Provide quick replies for the most frequently asked customer queries to ease up conversations for them.

Drive More Engagement

Respond to story replies with fast and rich content to drive customer engagement and increase chances of converting queries into sales. Set up replies to IG post comments with automated private replies to follow up on public inquiries via direct message in their inbox.

Constant Support at Scale

Build and scale personalized conversations with DM automation to respond quickly to common customer queries. Kevit's scalable solutions self-serve upto 80% support queries with seamless live chat transfer whenever required.

Earn Brand Promoters

Acknowledge customer efforts with brand love messages and reward points for story mentions. This helps to increase brand recall and good customer satisfaction scores resulting in earning yourselves doting brand fans.

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Why choose’s Instagram chatbots ?

Reinvent Customer Experience In


Instantly respond to queries, set campaigns, and boost sales with the conversion of abandoned cart.


Provide an accurate and secure environment to make transactions and notify regularly in chats.


Book appointments, set reminders for medication, and help patients with 24x7 support.


Provide instant help, ease up communication with regular updates and increase student engagement.


Qualify and nurture leads, book appointments, and answer FAQs with automated replies.


Make reservations, take orders and promote special deals with feedback follow-up.

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