Website Chatbot to Support Customers

Deploy an AI website chatbot to nurture and qualify leads. Scale support to every visitor with relevant information, highlight business offerings, collect feedback and improve customer experience to further enhance your website performance.

Welcome Visitors the Right Way

Never miss a potential customer with a website chatbot by guiding them through their queries. Highlight your USPs to show how you can help them achieve their business goals make them seriously consider your solutions.

Drive Meaningful Conversations

Deliver a personalized experience with instant and accurate responses in multiple languages to engage customers in real-time. Collect user details to qualify leads for your business, thus making each conversation valuable.

On-Demand Support at Scale

Kevit is made for scale! Support large volumes of queries simultaneously and self-serve upto 80% of customer queries. Complex and high-value issues can then be smoothly transferred to live agents when required.

Max Personalization Possible

Make the chat widget seamlessly a part of your website with customized design to fit your brand and style. Giving a personal touch to the bot can guarantee a unique customer experience to remember for.

Reduced Operational Costs

Kevit's website chatbot will act as an interactive self-help portal for your clients, thus reducing the need to contact your support for simple L1 and L2 queries, allowing your support team to focus on more complicated issues.

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Why choose’s Website chatbot ?

Reinvent Customer Experience In


Instantly respond to queries, set campaigns, and boost sales with the conversion of abandoned cart.


Provide an accurate and secure environment to make transactions and notify regularly in chats.


Book appointments, set reminders for medication, and help patients with 24x7 support.


Provide instant help, ease up communication with regular updates and increase student engagement.


Qualify and nurture leads, book appointments, and answer FAQs with automated replies.


Make reservations, take orders and promote special deals with feedback follow-up.

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