Automate your HR processes with AI chatbot

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The use of AI in automation has picked up pace in the last few years. Chatbots are gaining popularity in every industry, but it has taken a giant leap in the HR industry for sure. Chatbots are taking widespread adoption is the HR industry. A chatbot is a piece of software that conducts a conversation via voice or texts. Bots are massively used in customer service, marketing, lead generation, and selling.


As per one research, 75 % of the HR teams plan to implement chatbots in the near future. The use of HR chatbots in recruitment has also been increasing. HR chatbot can eliminate the need to wait for the right information. From helping the candidate to inform and notify about relevant job openings, answering questions, scheduling interviews – HR chatbots can do it all. Plus we do not need any training or learning while using HR chatbots like complex applications. The chatbot answer queries and ensures that candidates get the necessary information regarding the job, opening and the organization in real-time without any delay.


HR chatbots can also be used to engage the candidate, also it can answer queries regarding joining, other formalities and documentation before joining. HR personnel and recruiters spend usually a high amount of time in very basic activities like searching for resumes, scheduling interviews, etc. On the other hand, HR chatbots effortlessly store candidate information, schedule interviews and manage candidate data efficiently. You can see the example below 👇


Automate your HR processes with AI chatbot



Features of HR chatbot:

Here are some features which show the importance of chatbots in the HR industry:


1. Recruitment & Hiring

Chatbots have automated the HR systems that make the lives of many professionals quicker and simpler. Recruitment & Hiring task is repetitive in so many ways, yet it takes a lot of effort. Chatbot reduces the hiring cycle by automating your initial screening. Also, in a recent survey by Allegis, 58% of candidates were comfortable interacting with AI and recruitment chatbots in the early stages of the recruitment process.


2. On-boarding Employees

When your new employee joins the team, On-boarding them with your team is an important task. It is obvious that new hires require a lot of attention initially to get answers to some of the most repetitive and basic questions regarding the organization, training, and different policies. Thus chatbot saves a lot of time by redirecting basic queries to the HR chatbot. It reduces the HR workload so you can use manpower for better tasks.


3. Employee Training

Organizations have lower knowledge retention levels for mandatory training and learning modules. Employees rarely engage or actively participate in attending training sessions. Employees can keep track of their goals before and after the training. HR chatbots can help improve the initial engagement level and help new employees to navigate modules with an easy approach.


4. Explaining Company Policies

The employees can ask questions to the HR chatbot about HR policy like Leave details, Holidays, Vacations, etc. Chatbots are built with human-like Conversations that could engage people and help them well. Most of the new employees have the same questions, such as – how they can manage their leave, which shifts it theirs, what is lunch timing, what are the main rules, etc which can easily managed by HR bot.


5. Analyzing Employee Behavior

HR chatbots can provide insights on employee satisfaction, productivity, engagement, and motivation levels based on the interactions they hold with employees. You can set up questions to perform a survey with chatbots. The data can be used to make some important decisions regarding dividing teams, changing policies, etc. Chatbots are efficient in managing and maintaining these meticulous records for different purposes.


6. Collecting Feedback

Feedback collection is an important process for any company. This process can get extremely tiring and uninteresting for the employees. But with chatbots, it’s not that difficult and boring. Employees can easily provide honest feedback. Also, it is also beneficial for the HR team. It reduces the massive burden from them.


Let’s have a look to another example 👇


Automate your HR processes with AI chatbot



Benefits of HR chatbot:

‌‌Here are some benefits of chatbot in HR –


1. Saved Time

Chatbot automates the processes of the HR team and also makes the work hassle-free. Chatbots in HR provides a helping hand with repetitive work and improves productivity.


2. Increase Efficiency

It increases the efficiency in so many ways like – processes the automation, collects data and feedback, provides the solution to employee’s query, etc.


3. Accurate Response

Employees don’t have to spend their time trying to get in touch with the HR team, or to wait for their response. If they have a question, they can directly talk to the bot whenever they need an answer.


4. Sentiment Analysis

The bot can ask employees short and simple questions over a period of time. This replaces the old traditional norm of feedback forms. It gives you insight about employees to make important decisions.


There are many other reasons too that highlight the role of chatbots in improving the HR management of organizations. Chatbots are going to save companies a ton of money in the HR department. All these factors clearly show that chatbots are the future! No wonder why companies are striving to establish the role of chatbots for HR. It’s your turn now – contact or mail us at to get automation in your department.

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