How can a chatbot help you with your Content Marketing?

How can a chatbot help you with your Content Marketing


Chatbots are constantly proving that they are more than just a technology. From automating customer support to ease the connection at workplace, chatbots are service various industries all over the world. At several functionalities chatbots are great, but in today’s article we’ll see benefits of chatbots in Content Marketing Strategies. 


Content marketing is an important part of any organization. It helps brands building trust among customers, help you generate more leads and gift a customer loyalty. It also helps you find out what customers expect from the brand. But delivering a right content at the right time to right person is as important as the quality of content.  


Technologies such as Artificial intelligence can help you take a deep dive into your content marketing analytics. It can help you decide what kind of content you should share with your audience. Adding AI with a chatbot can help you gather information about your customer & most asked questions and analyze the content result to help you make important decisions.  


  1. Help you create and deliver personalized content 

Chatbots are very well known for providing a personalized experience as it attends every customer personally and hear their questions. They are more reliable than email marketing or online ads. Advanced chatbots can distribute your content in more personalized ways. They serve users only with relevant content to create more engagement using images, GIFs and videos. 


You can differentiate the content according to different bot use cases to build an engaging storyline which can hit the user perfectly. And this personalized content distribution can help you obtain more customers easily. It initially increases the lead generation process and conversions. 


  1. Help you deliver right content at the right stage of sales funnel 

No doubt chatbots are great tool to automate tasks but they are more than that. As we all know, each stage of sales cycle is important. If your customer is browsing through your websites; chances are high that they we’ll lose the engagement soon. Similarly, at many stages of sales cycles you are losing so many customers. Chatbots can solve this problem in a personalized and exciting way, by guiding to your customer at each stage about their needs.  


A chatbot can create individual sales funnels across the channels by creating omni-channel chatbot. Creating a chatbot for a Facebook ad which can drive your customer throughout the sales funnel is one of the best examples of delivering right content at the right stage of the funnel.  


  1. Help you get impressive result of your efforts for online ads 

You might have been scrolling many online ads on a daily basis. Today, almost every business is running or planning to run their online ads. To create an ad that can catch your customer’s attention you need a good content and the content which satisfies your customer’s needs and problems. But after doing all that, if you lose a customer at your landing page you lose the important one.  


Instead of having a landing page and forms at the end of your ad funnel, chatbots can be a great way to connect with your customers when they arrive. Chatbots can initiate the conversation and hold them throughout the purchase cycle to ensure that they get what they want.  


  1. Help you engage with content across several channels 

As I have mentioned above, chatbots can serve customers on different channels. When you are selling online, be on platforms where your customers are already present is crucial. An omni-channel chatbot can help you create a brand trust by connecting with them on various messaging channels.


Each channel has its own advantages and promote different type of content. For example, Facebook is all about connecting with audience using videos, image and engaging content, whereas WhatsApp is preferred for personalized messages, quick updates and notifications. So right type of content, sharing at right channel can be very beneficial for your content marketing strategies. 


  1. Help you minimize efforts of your marketing team 

By remembering previous inputs, suggestions and a chatbot can minimize the efforts of finding out right subject for your content. Using a chatbot you can automate a significant portion of your daily, weekly or monthly content distribution while you can focus on converting more leads and finding ideas. It will save your time and money.  


Using a bot in your content marketing strategy is sure to push you to new heights. They are crucial improving the company’s day-to-day schedule and budget.  


If you want to kick your content engagement & distribution, combining Conversational AI with your content management systems can give you ultimate benefits. If you are aware about using bots for other processes, you should try them in content marketing as well. Is your brand willing to jump on this opportunity? We are highly experienced in the development of custom Chatbot and Voice bots.  


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