Drive Sales with WhatsApp Ecommerce Chatbot in Festive Season!

Drive Sales with WhatsApp Ecommerce Chatbot in Festive Season!


Holiday Season is on the way! So, Get your WhatsApp Ecommerce Chatbot to your store and turn your visitors into Recurring buyers now!!


If there’s any industry that has seen Rocketship-like growth from the time of its outset, it’s the Ecommerce industry with $4.23 trillion worldwide sales in 2020 and global sales expected to total $4.92 trillion worldwide in 2021. These stats are enough to show that despite the downturn faced by the global market in last one year, Ecommerce business did not stop and never will. 


The potential of the e-commerce industry as online shopping has become one of the most popular internet activities worldwide. And hence it only makes sense to be where your customers are. One such concurrent messaging app and social media that all can think of is WhatsApp! 


Used by more than 2 billion users monthly, WhatsApp can be declared as the largest messaging app and quite a money-spinning platform with its wide reach and easy messaging features. This all scream for an intersection of WhatsApp Ecommerce and AI enabled Chatbots for higher conversation rates, along with WhatsApp Chatbot advantages.


As lot of competition is being faced by Ecommerce business particularly at the time of festive and holiday seasons. Generally, all the stores are packed with the busy shoppers, huge and tiring queue, disorganized stock and huge expectations. So, to fulfil customers experience and wishes swiftly Ecommerce Chatbots act as their shot in the dark! Especially, at the time of festive seasons it can be a profitable opportunity for Ecommerce company. It’s time to feel stress-free as you are going to know how you can achieve the same at the end of this blog.



What is WhatsApp E-Commerce chatbot? 

WhatsApp eCommerce chatbot is a powerful tool for businesses to automate customer support and help customers make purchases directly via WhatsApp. It allows businesses to create automated conversations that can take place over the popular messaging platform. By using WhatsApp chatbots, businesses can provide customers with product recommendations product information, track orders, answer questions, and even offer personalized discounts and promotions – all without having a dedicated customer service team. Moreover, chatbots are able to simulate natural conversation by leveraging AI-powered Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology. This makes it easy for customers to interact with the chatbot as if they were talking to an actual person. With WhatsApp eCommerce chatbots, businesses can increase efficiency and save time while still providing quality customer service. 



Why WhatsApp for E-Commerce?   

When 68% of WhatsApp users find WhatsApp Ecommerce as the best way to reach a brand, we know that all the good stuff promised by WhatsApp automation is legit. Other good numbers suggest 99% open rates and boosting response rates.  


68% of WhatsApp users agreed it was the best way to reach a business because of the ease of accessibility, asynchronous communication and instantaneous responses. WhatsApp has a 70% open rate, 2x of what emails have. Enterprises like Renault saw a 163% direct increase in customer engagement, while saw a 57% increase in new orders placed just by communicating on WhatsApp. The amount spent on WhatsApp calls per day is a whopping 2 billion minutes per day. 



WhatsApp E-Commerce Chatbot Use-cases   

The holiday season has come! Happiness is shared when family and friends get together and exchange gifts. So, here are some use cases for Ecommerce WhatsApp Chatbot which can help you to buy gifts for your loved ones!


Use Cases


 1. Lead Generation  

Lead generation, a crucial component of any business, is now made simple by quicker and more interactive responses. So, designing WhatsApp Automation to carry out such functions and instilling the same for your ecommerce business will pave way for your success story.


2. Placing an Order  

Simplify the process of ordering with the help of WhatsApp Ecommerce bots by creating a single-channel experience from a lead generated to a regular customer. Out of all the procedures, if your business can allow customers to place orders from the comfort of their phone, then your brand will drive revenue and become a big hit.


3. Automated FAQs  

Chatbots can handle frequently asked questions in huge volumes, be it related to the products, their sizes, colours, payments, payment methods, tracking order, refunds, discounts and coupons, and more. Thus, this saves time and customers can expect instant replies which increases customer retention and conversation rates. Also, ensure high-class user experience throughout the customer journey. 


4. Repeat Queries and Orders  

For any business, retention of a customer is very important, mainly for 2 reasons. Firstly, to earn customer loyalty. Consistency in good services is going to make your customers believe that your business sticks to its words. Secondly, it will cost 7 times more to acquire a new customer than to repeat services to a regular one. 


So, first aim is to retain a customer with smoother purchase experiences and after purchase services and then repeat their orders with the help of a WhatsApp chatbot. Recreate your customers previous purchases, their previous food orders with ecommerce bots.


5. Returns and Refunds  

Returns and refunds are problems shared by both, customers and business owners. Therefore, returns have been one of the top 7 problems faced by retailers and businesses, while 25% online orders are returned by customers for various reasons. Bad return and refund experiences often ruins a company’s reputation and its relationship with its customers.


So, WhatsApp ecommerce chatbots can help users with this trickiest process of ecommerce and can provide reasons for refunds which the customers can select to further help the company work and remove any loopholes that stop them. 


6. New Updates   

WhatsApp Ecommerce chatbots can help notify customers about new products, offers and discount so that they don’t miss out and stay updated. This new era of internet is all about following the trends and these chatbots can help your customers know it all, at the right time.



Benefits of Deploying a WhatsApp Chatbot for Ecommerce Business 

The deployment of a WhatsApp Chatbot for Ecommerce Business can bring numerous benefits to the ecommerce industry. A WhatsApp Chatbot is an automated bot that can provide customers with fast and efficient customer service. With it, companies can automate customer interactions and respond to inquiries quickly and accurately. This automation will reduce customer wait times while increasing sales. Additionally, the chatbot can enable businesses to better understand their customers’ preferences and offer personalized product recommendations. Additionally, the WhatsApp Ecommerce Bot can be used to timely promote sales and discounts, enhancing customer satisfaction and boosting sales. In short, deploying a WhatsApp Chatbot for Ecommerce Business will greatly benefit any company in the ecommerce industry by promoting efficiency, boosting sales, and providing exceptional customer service. 



FAQs on WhatsApp Chatbots:


1. What are the pricing for WhatsApp Chatbots? Are these bots free?

WhatsApp Chatbot have minimal installation fee associated with them which are designed on WhatsApp Business API, this includes: 


  • Hosting 
  • Installation 
  • Integration charges 

For WhatsApp Cloud API, as Meta itself hosts them on their servers there are no hosting fees for it. Moreover, you need to pay per conversation which varies depending on who initiated the chat and from which country.


2. Are E-Commerce Chatbot and Shopping Chatbot same?

YES, E-commerce chatbot and shopping chatbot are the same because both the terms are synonyms for each other. These chatbots automate a user’s end-to-end buying journey to provide a smooth customer experience.  


 3. Which all platforms are supported by WhatsApp for eCommerce integration?

E-commerce chatbot integration is becoming increasingly popular for businesses. By integrating an eCommerce WhatsApp Chatbot into your business, you can automate customer service tasks and save time while providing a better experience for your customers. Your WhatsApp chatbot can be integrated with your online store, ERP and CRM software, payment processors, and loyalty programs.


 4. Can I get a demo of this WhatsApp Chatbot?

YES, you can see how the eCommerce WhatsApp chatbot works with Talk to our experts by scheduling a demo by visiting a website. 




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