Facebook Messenger Chatbot: How They Can Help Businesses?

Facebook Messenger Chatbot How They Can Help Businesses


You’ve heard it, chatbots are creating the buzz out there. They are on their way to replace these mobile phones you are reading this blog on. Chatbots are replacing the SMS and Email Marketing and they are not stopping!! Chatbots will cut down costs and increase your annual turnover. And this all is going to take place while you sleep!


There’s a lot of hype floating around right now about chatbots in general, and Facebook Messenger Chatbots in particular. This brings no surprise that all the businesses are so much invested in chatbot trends. 


But the main question lies in knowing whether chatbots are worth the hype or not? Will they be able to do everything they promise? Here, we will discuss about the Facebook chatbot messenger and all the use cases that it was successful in putting on the table.


In this blog, we will learn the WHATs and WHYs of Chatbot Messengers and know why your business needs to instil Facebook Chatbot Messenger to game up your digital strategy. 



What Facebook Messenger Chatbot means?  

Facebook currently has 2.9 billion monthly active users and accounts for 55.9% social media visits of the United States in February 2020. The Facebook Messenger has over 300K messenger bots active on the platform and becomes the second most downloaded app on the iOS Appstore.


These statistics do hold power and you know will help your business reach new heights. Being on a platform where your customers are, can help have a meaningful relation with them. And now to make this possible we have Facebook Messenger Chatbot. Automate the conversations you have with your customers with quicker and interactive responses and no waiting time. This is possible by instilling chatbots to your Facebook Messenger. 



Types Of Messenger chatbots: 

The functioning of a Facebook Chatbots varies depending on the type of bot created. There are mainly two categories of chat robots.


  • Basic chatbots

These Chatbots are called “Basic bots”, they work from a library of pre-crafted lines to draw programme. They follow the classic “Workflow” scheme to send the message to the client. Moreover, interactions with these types of tools are limited.


  • Smart chatbots 

These are bots that are best known as “Advanced bots” which have given Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. NLP allows these virtual assistants to generate clear and concise messages with natural language and processing technology. With these types of bots, your buyers will feel like they are performing live chat with a customer service agent. These smart chatbots are much more powerful and versatile than basic chatbots.



How can Facebook Messenger Bot Help To Grow Your Business?  

FB Messenger Bot can be used to:


  • Reach your target audience, create awareness and educate them. 
  • Personalizing new content and messages to generate leads and nurturing leads to become customers. 
  • Click-Up ads that direct customers to your Facebook Messenger bot to provide Artificial Intelligence -powered customer service. 
  • All repetitive and common customer queries can be handled by the chatbot messenger to reduce costs and save time. 
  • Chatbot Messengers can give personalized product recommendations to customers based on their recent purchases and help streamline your business’ product purchases. 
  • Ease up the online transaction process and let your customers pay directly from their messenger chat with the help of your chatbots. Promote this online transactional feature with attractive offers and discounts


Various Methods Facebook Messenger Chatbots Transforming Business (With Examples) 

Facebook Messenger Chatbots are transforming business in many ways. By using bots, businesses can automate conversations with customers, save time on customer service, and collect data about customers’ preferences.  



Examples of chatbot messenger

The bot could also be used to collect customer feedback and provide recommendations based on those reviews. Additionally, businesses can use chatbots to increase lead generation by providing tailored information to potential customers who use the Facebook Messenger platform. This could include personalized product recommendations or discounts. Another way that Facebook Messenger bot are being used is to help customers make purchase decisions by providing them with more detailed product information and answering their questions in real time. Ultimately, these bots are helping businesses improve customer service and boost sales, all without the need for additional human resources or extensive training.



Best Practices To Use Facebook Messenger Chatbot:   

Here are few tips which can help you build your own Messenger bot and use it to grow your business:

1. Research, Research and More Research to know your chatbot and audience to deliver better customer experience. 


2. Personalized Conversations to let your customers have an interactive session each time. 


3. Automated But Monitored so that there is no room for mistake and no customer leaves the page dissatisfied. 


4. Surveys Pave Way for Accuracy to regularly update, test and optimize conversations.


Considerable Advantages of Using a Facebook Messenger Chatbot:

With a well-staffed customer service department, bots may seem like a pointless extravagance—but they offer all businesses significant benefits, including:




How does Facebook Chatbot add to omnichannel customer experience? 

Facebook Messenger Chatbots is an effective way to enhance the omnichannel customer experience. By utilizing the power of Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing, these chatbots can interact with customers in a more natural and efficient way, providing a personalized experience. The bots can easily respond to customer inquiries, provide product information, and quickly direct them to the right resources. Moreover, they can help reduce operational costs as it eliminates the need for dedicated customer service staff. With Facebook Messenger bot integrated into an omnichannel strategy, businesses are able to provide better customer service while saving time, money, and resources. 



Stages to have a Messenger chatbot: 

Platforms that enable you to create a bot without any coding have made Facebook Chatbot Development comparatively simple.


1. You can create a bot for Facebook Messenger by simply signing up with a platform, selecting the features you would like your chatbot to have, and then deploying it. This allows you to quickly create a chatbot that is able to interact with your customers and provide automated customer service.


2. You can also customize the chatbot according to different customer needs such as language, location, etc. There are also several platforms like Kevit.io that offer more advanced features such as natural language processing and deep learning capabilities which allow you to create an even more intelligent bot.  


3. Once you have created your bot and deployed it on Facebook Messenger, it will be ready to provide automated customer service 24/7 and engage with customers in real time. 



To Sum Up: 

Messenger apps are on a roll in these times with millions of messages exchanged everyday between customers and businesses. Being on a platform like Facebook where your customers are and optimizing the conversations there can help your business to drive sales and customer retention. Automate your Messenger chats with Kevit.io’s chatbot messengers and shape your customer communication. Find your customers, connect with them and generate leads with Kevit.io. Know more about this automated world at Kevit.io and mail us at coffee@kevit.io.

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