AI Chatbots – How businesses are winning in 2020?

AI chatbots


As we are in the middle of a new decade, acceptance of technologies across the industries is growing gracefully. Especially when we talk about AI, with time industries like healthcare, travel, banking, e-commerce, etc, are widely adopting chatbots as a part of their customer support and business.


Google Home and Alexa are becoming part of daily life in many houses. Interaction between humans and AI chatbot is becoming far-common and people are liking interacting with brands who use AI-assistance. Let us give you a glimpse of what may be coming up…



Why Conversational bots are the future?

Artificial Intelligence has already made footprints in customer service and now it’s improving efficiency and also minimizing costs. With the help of technologies like AI [Artificial Intelligence] and NLP [Natural Language Processing], conversational bots are reshaping the way we communicate with businesses and we are already perceiving their place in our day to day job. In our digital ecosystem, engagement is the real key to gain customer’s trust and deliver a seamless experience.


Internet users are not willing to fill up lengthy forms for something and wait for hours in a queue to get a response. Advancement in conversational-interfaces will result in more practical use cases of chatbots and will clearly prove them “Future Technology”.



Development of Messaging as a ‘Platform’

Facebook Messenger has more than 1.3 Billion monthly active users and they share 8 billion messages a day and 17 Billion photos a month. These numbers are enough to convince any marketer to use chatbots as their marketing weapon. Also, there’s a lot of hype about chatbots since Facebook announced Messenger bot as a chat platform for businesses in particular. People are finding easy to chat with Messenger bots as they are part of their daily life since years now. So adopting chatbots on a platform like Messenger was easy to accept by customers.


With 2020, we are very sure that the hype of Facebook Messenger will continue. Chatbots had an amazing year in 2019. In 2019, Major companies like – LinkedIn, Starbucks, and British Airways have announced their interest in the chatbot development.



Emotionally Intelligence chatbots

Somewhere we all feel good if someone understands our emotions. But continuing with 2020 people are getting busy on their own day by day. Imagine machines can understand your emotions and act according to that. AI is moving towards Emotional Intelligence now. So far, Chatbots are understanding the user’s emotions and replying to the user’s feelings and queries intelligently. Emotional AI was one of the most awaited inventions that everyone was waiting for. Today industries are launching emotion-based AI chatbots and giving their best service to make users experience more precise in terms of delivering the best customer service. EI chatbots are the best problem solvers and customize solutions as per the user’s emotional presence. Being chatbot developers and technology enthusiasts, we always try to merge new technologies to automate and simplify their business operations.



Emerging technologies with chatbots

With time technologies are getting more advance and chatbots are taking advantage of that. Natural Language Processing (NLP) is one of the most important components of Artificial intelligence. Without NLP user’s input is just like text for a chatbot. NLP helps chatbot to get understand the context and meaning to text-based user inputs so that AI can come up with an accurate response. It gives an analysis of human language to the chatbot. 2020 will be the year of major acceptance of voice-support platforms using NLP and AI. This will make improve personalization and targeting exact consumers.


Rasa, NLP, ML, and AI are the technologies that paraphrase voice interactions and convert it into meaningful data. This data is structured you can get deeper insights about the behavior of your customers with your brand and products. With Machine learning, conversational experiences are getting trained in a way that will improve chatbots and voicebots in 2020 with better results.


In 2018 Google introduced Google Duplex, for making a call to book a restaurant table, haircut appointment and many more. It talks with Humans in a human-like way. Till the end of 2019, It was able to handle these calls up to 75% without the help of any human and without making any mistakes. With 2020, Duplex will surely begin to emerge.



User Experience with Humor and Personality

So when we talk about a happy user experience, there should be some Humor! Humor does have a place in Conversational AI. Consumers are enjoying chatting with AI which has a humorous personality. Instead of waiting on hold for one small query on phone lines, Customers are happily taking help from the chatbots. They are enjoying the company of smart and funny chatbots while shopping. This brings chances for upselling. People are liking suggestions given by chatbots because chatbot generates these suggestions after analysing many things like pervious purchase history, customer’s query about some products or services, and emotion detection. So these functionalities will surely make chatbots rock in 2020!


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