How NLP plays an important role in WhatsApp chatbots?



Today, WhatsApp messaging app has more than 1.5 billion users over 180 countries, which make this app – “The most popular messaging app” in the world. As per the WhatsApp statistics 2020, nearly 65 Billion messages sent per day on WhatsApp. With the launch of WhatsApp Business API, it also became popular among businesses. Over 3 Billion businesses are connecting with their consumers through WhatsApp. Security and easy to use functionality of this platform performed a key role attracting wide range of audience of all age groups, which makes it more perfect for business.


As technology growing exponentially, AI becomes an important part of our daily life. Most of the businesses are adopting AI to transform their customer communication and automating their internal operations. With the growth of messaging platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook, Messaging bots are now center of the business messaging and communication. This trend gives an excellent hype to WhatsApp chatbots. A WhatsApp bot empower your business to provide instant messaging support to your customer issues and engage them with your brand. It saves your time, money and gives our business a digital transformation to be in a trend.




As chatbots have become extensive in business communication over the past few years, scripted or predefined chatbots are doing well. However, chatbots are far more capable than just bombarding functioned answers.  Natural Language Processing (NLP) adds human touch to the conversation with chatbots. NLP allows chatbot to derive meaningful answers to user’s query. With NLP we can train chatbots with numerous interactions and responses. Using NLP in chatbots gives it wider reach and engagement to audience, which is worth to use.


With the popularity of WhatsApp messenger and messaging chatbots, an intelligent WhatsApp bot for business can be most useful tool to engage customers. NLP plays a key role in WhatsApp bots too. From assigning relevant answers to the query asked by users, to creating a right response based on previous chats and contextual analysis. NLP might not be part of every chatbot, but if you need a perfect WhatsApp bot to solve your customer’s queries no matter how they type in, NLP is crucial. Without NLP, WhatsApp chatbot is totally inconvenient as the user need to type the exact option which they want to select.



Let’s understand the importance of NLP in WhatsApp with this example:



Businesses are creating WhatsApp bots for numerous purposes like – serving 24/7 customer service, handling frequently asked queries, selling products, sending out offers and more. In cases like this, Without NLP, pre-defined answers can’t satisfy your user’s journey and you can’t serve your user a rich user experience in terms of variations, and sentimental support. A bot can get significant amount of queries every day.  Each question will be different and written in a way which your bot might not understand. Not being able to answer these questions can affect your brand value. NLP based WhatsApp bot can serve a remarkable experience and make them more identical.


With the help of NLP, you can –


  • Answer complicated queries,
  • Send Reminders and Alerts,
  • Book appointments
  • Handover conversations to agents,
  • Get Sentiment analysis,
  • Handle FAQs,
  • Detect user’s emotions and reply according to that, etc.


NLP has great advantages and benefits when it comes to deliver a great customer service. Using NLP bases WhatsApp bot in your business can help you engage right audience and create a great brand value. has years of experience creating chatbots for messaging channels. Develop an NLP bases WhatsApp bot for your business and deliver a smart service to your targeted audience to grow your business. You can reach us out at or visit our website a for more information related chatbots and advance technologies like NLP, AI and ML.

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