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real estate WhatsApp bots


If you are real estate agent, broker or property consultant, buying or selling of a property is always a persecution process that involves a lot of phone calls, emails, and follow-ups, hence most preferred way of communication for most people these days is messaging. With the use of Real estate WhatsApp bots, you can easily handle all such tedious stuff without much of nagging.


Chatbots are streamlining interactions between people and companies by enhancing customer experience.  Specifically, into Real Estate sector, chatbots are transfiguring the way companies buy, sell, and rent properties.



Obstacles arising into the battle of Real Estate industry

An Indian real estate market is booming exponentially. Although, the high cost of a potential purchase makes property closing deal a very long and time-consuming process.


Moreover, the customers usually have plethora of queries regarding the house and the surrounding infrastructure questioning the nearest school or a pharmacy. Furthermore, if they don’t get all the needed information or much attention, they cease going to the rivalry market.


Another significant challenge faced by this industry is futile lead communication. Real estate agents struggle to manage time with listings, past clients, goals, while at the same time address queries of potential buyers.



The Solution

WhatsApp chatbot in this industry delineates to give users coherent experience by responding to their queries instantly and at the same time save resources for your business.


Chatbot transform the actual process of sharing the lead information from a mundane task into a conversation.


This makes the lead generation feel more engaging. Moreover, it gives prospects the perception of instant response that is requisite to generate leads at a scale in the real estate industry.



Use cases for Real estate WhatsApp bots:

Below mentioned are most important use cases for real estate WhatsApp chatbot which tend to guarantee success.


  • Generating Leads

Generating leads for a real estate business can be quite exhaustive considering the resilient competition. On the top of it, it is essential to have successful lead generation because losing a prospective lead due to ineffective communication means is huge loss for a business.


From greeting visitors to offering deets over multiple property listings based on budget, geography, and amenities to answering customers’ inquiries, the WhatsApp chatbot for real estate does it all.


WhatsApp Chatbot is a great way to associate with customers on a platform they are already familiar with.  It facilitates real estate agents and companies to collect lead details like name, phone number, email ID, budget, number of rooms, location, etc. Once they’ve generated the lead, they can simply continue the conversation on the same WhatsApp thread and enhance their chances of converting them to a potential sale.


  • Scheduling Site Visit

Soon after the real estate chatbot qualifies the lead as a potential buyer for the property, customers can easily schedule a site visit through the bot. Therewithal, chatbots can also help over fixing a meeting with potential clients. By providing essential information about an agent or the company assigned to the property that the visitors are interested in exploring and then further asking them for a convenient time to schedule the appointment.


Furthermore, the bot can make a detail note of the date and time and then handover the conversation to an actual real estate agent whenever needed for more detailed communication. Besides, companies and agents also enable the chatbot to send automated follow-ups to all potential customers through proactive WhatsApp messages and their preferred medium such as email or SMS.


  • Building of Customer Relationship

One of an important aspects of real estate business is offering epitome of services and building relationships with the customers. With the help of a real estate WhatsApp chatbot, companies and agents can communicate with their customers in the lingo they want to speak.


Thereafter, if the potential client ended up talking to your chatbot, by the conversation you get to know they are interested. You can personalize your suggestion by knowing their interest and lead them in the right direction without bombarding information in which they don’t have any interest and build a strong bond with your brand. This initiative builds a strong relationship between you and the client.


  • Track Conversation

This is an exceptional advantage of WhatsApp chatbots over the usual phone and email conversations. You can get the direct transcript of the conversation between users and your chatbot which gives an invaluable added advantage to the company when an actual human takes over the lead to close the sale. This gives an invaluable added advantage to the company when an actual human takes over the lead to close the sale. It allows them to read through the entire log, understand the complete conversation, and service them the better.


  • Payment Reminder

Another paramount use case of WhatsApp chatbot for real estate is sending out gentle payment reminders, reminders for various property related processes such as pending payments, EMI’s, and maintenance. Real estate chatbot templates for WhatsApp makes it possible to easily integrate the API with the company’s existing financial system and send automatic reminders if any of the dues haven’t been paid on time. It is an effective way to gently remind customers to clear their dues.


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