HR Chatbot Case Study: FirstJob’s Mya

HR chatbot- FirstJob Mya


Conversational user interfaces in the form of chatbots are taking over most of the customer interactions. Industries like banking and travel are the ones who have quickly adopted this AI technology to enhance their user engagement with intuitive conversational bots. These bots are capable of having conversations while addressing a large number of users. Apart from this chatbots can automate a lot of processes, saving companies’ varied costs.


Another important industry that is starting to adopt chatbots in its operation is HR. Human Resources is one of the most important departments in a company with various functions that could implement automation. While still only beginning to realize the potential of this conversational software, chatbots can ease a wide array of HR functions.


One such company to transform the way in which they find talent for recruitment is FirstJob. FirstJob is an online recruitment company that collects the details of new graduate students for an entry-level position and internship. They introduced a chatbot, Mya, to their system. Mya can communicate with numbers of candidates at a time and ask them pre-screening questions. The whole recruitment process is automated as chatbot answers candidate’s questions and alerts them when a job position is filled up.


Mya interacts with candidates via Facebook messenger, SMS, Email and Skype. Mya asks pre-screening questions, answer FAQs, Provide their application status, alerts, etc. It also guides the candidate with tips and tricks. Mya sends the evaluation to candidates. It can rank each candidate from most to least qualified for the position. To make this decision it analyses various factors such as experience,  social engagement, recent job.


HR Chatbot Case Study FirstJob’s Mya
As a result, the company sees the following changes:


  • An increase in recruiters’ efficiency by 38%.
  • Up to 75% of the qualifying process is automated.
  • An increase in the job engagement process by 80%.


By utilizing a chatbot this HR chatbot, FirstJob helped both job seekers and employers find each other by this simple AI application.


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