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With the introduced WhatsApp Business API in 2018, the most popular messaging app changed the whole marketing game. It gives a personal touch to your customer service and you can reach out to a huge number of customers in no time with guaranteed security. That’s why; brining your audience to this platform can be beneficial for your business in many terms. There are several ways from which you can bring your customers and targeted audience to your WhatsApp business. But among all of them WhatsApp click to ads is the best way to bring the right audience to this platform.


You might have seen many online ads every now and then. Do you think that all these ads you see in your news feed are effective? It can work wonder if you use them in a right way for attracting customers. With these ads you can redirect the audience to your WhatsApp business. These ads can launch WhatsApp chat via clicks. Facebook also proved the effectiveness of this idea about connecting WhatsApp business with online ads by traffic conversions with Click to WhatsApp ads. Now the question is –



Why you should consider combining Click to ads with your WhatsApp business?

Online click to WhatsApp ads offers a way to start conversation with your consumers on the most popular messaging platform. WhatsApp makes it easier to get connected with your brand without any hassle. WhatsApp Business gives your customers a seamless user experience with multimedia messaging, group chats, user statistics and customized quick replies. With more than 1.5 billion users, WhatsApp gives businesses a massive growth.


Click to WhatsApp ads gives your consumers a chance to message your business directly. You can get their attention and offer solutions to their queries and increase conversion rates. Now you can use Facebook, Instagram and google ads more effectively with “call to action” which redirects user to the conversation on WhatsApp. With the help of these ads you can get number of inquiries on your WhatsApp business every day, which might be too difficult to handle by a single person and too costly to handle with Live chat agents. Here AI – Powered Chatbots come to rescue.


With chatbots, your customers not only get response of the queries but also get round the clock support, which means higher satisfaction rate. AI powered chatbots adds value and quality to the conversation of your WhatsApp Business. It generates brand awareness and brand loyalty by enhancing customer relationship. This chatbots can also send promotions, offers, broadcasts and different notifications to curated customers. Also, WhatsApp bot can carry out bulk of repetitive tasks, so you can use your resources and staff for more valuable work. It will help you to generate leads, personalized chats, sending out alerts and offers, analyzing customer’s behavior, & more.



Use case of Click to WhatsApp Ads:

This is the typical use case of a Facebook ad to AI-Powered WhatsApp Chatbot


Let us show you some use cases below


To sum up with, today people are spending more time on messaging apps than ever before. According to Forbes, people spent 85 billion hours on WhatsApp in over 3 months in 2018. Now you can imagine the number of 2020! So, brining your consumers on WhatsApp Business through online ads and connecting your WhatsApp Business with AI – Powered Chatbots is a golden opportunity to get the most out of your digital marketing efforts and establish a personalized customer service for richer customer service.


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