New WhatsApp Message Templates: Spice up your Marketing in 2024

New Whatsapp Templates


WhatsApp Marketing has emerged as one of the most effective channels for brands globally, boasting an astonishing 98% open rate. Not only does WhatsApp Marketing help brands reach a wide audience with unparalleled immediacy, but it also facilitates direct and personalized communication. Not only does WhatsApp marketing help in new user acquisition, it also helps to retarget existing customers over WhatsApp. As businesses increasingly adopt digital strategies, WhatsApp Marketing stands out for its ability to foster meaningful connections and drive customer loyalty through personalized engagement strategies.

This extensive use of WhatsApp Marketing has almost made it term as spamming. If your brand is suffering through this, then wait for it! Because we have all the new and trending WhatsApp message templates that can add all the spark that it needs in 2024. These new WhatsApp business API notifications can help spike customer interests in your business offerings, increase brand engagement and enhance overall customer experiences.


New WhatsApp Message Templates Types


Catalog Template

Catalog templates are used to showcase a range of products or services to customers. WhatsApp allows businesses to include images, descriptions, and prices, enabling businesses to present their offerings in a visually appealing manner. 


This high-converting WhatsApp business template are ideal for promoting new collections or seasonal items and facilitate a seamless shopping experience directly within the chat.

Catalog Templates can help you in:


  1. Product Display: Highlight a variety of products or services in a structured and engaging format, making it easy for customers to browse your offerings.
  2. Easy Shopping: Provide detailed information and images within the chat, allowing customers to make informed decisions and proceed to purchase without leaving the conversation.
  3. Promotions and Discounts: Showcase special deals, discounts, or seasonal collections effectively to boost sales and attract more customers.


Carousel Templates

Carousel templates allow businesses to present multiple items or offers within a single message. Users can swipe through a series of images or cards, each containing a product or service with corresponding details and call-to-action buttons. This format is especially useful for displaying a variety of related products or options, encouraging engagement and exploration.


Carousel Templates can help you in:


  1. Product Marketing: Promote multiple products or services in one attractive message, perfect for new launches or special offers.
  2. Personalized Suggestions: Send WhatsApp campaigns with this template to suggest personalized offerings to users based on their purchase history with your brand.
  3. Cart Retargeting: Remind customers of the items left in their shopping cart, encouraging them to complete their purchase.
  4. Upselling and Cross-Selling: Create bundles of complementary products, suggesting additional items that enhance what customers are already buying.


Form Templates

Form templates are designed to collect information from users through interactive elements like input fields, checkboxes, and buttons. These templates are useful for surveys, feedback forms, appointment bookings, and other scenarios where gathering user data is essential. They streamline the process by allowing users to fill out and submit forms directly within the WhatsApp conversation.

This template message format can help collect user responses and reduce drop-offs with in-app forms.


Form Templates can help you in:


  1. Easy Signups: Create easy signups for newsletters, events, and promotions, ensuring a seamless registration process for your customers.
  2. Reservations and Bookings: Make it simple for customers to make reservations, book services, or schedule consultations directly within the chat, reducing friction and enhancing convenience.
  3. Swift Feedback Collection: Enable swift feedback collection directly within WhatsApp, allowing you to gather customer opinions and insights efficiently.
  4. Interactive Surveys: Conduct interactive surveys to gather customer preferences, helping you tailor your offerings to meet their needs.


Location Templates

Location templates enable businesses to share geographic locations with their customers. These templates can include maps and specific location details, making it easier for users to find store locations, event venues, or any relevant geographical points. The most beneficial use case of this whatsapp template is for businesses with physical locations or events requiring precise directions.

Location Templates can help you in:


  1. Store Locations: Provide customers with precise maps and addresses of your physical stores, making it easier for them to visit you.
  2. Event Venues: Share detailed location information for events, ensuring attendees can find the venue without hassle.
  3. Service Areas: Indicate service areas or delivery zones, helping customers understand where your services are available.
  4. Navigation Assistance: Offer direct links to map applications, enabling customers to get directions with a single click.


Copy Code Templates

Copy code templates are used to share promotional codes, discount codes, or any type of code that users can easily copy and use. These templates typically include a clear call-to-action and instructions on how to use the code. They help drive sales and engagement by providing customers with incentives to make a purchase or participate in promotions.


Copy Code Templates can help you in:


  1. Promotional Campaigns: Share exclusive promotional codes to boost sales and attract new customers.
  2. Discount Offers: Provide discount codes to encourage repeat purchases and customer loyalty.
  3. Special Events: Distribute codes for special events or seasonal promotions to drive customer participation.
  4. Loyalty Rewards: Reward loyal customers with unique codes as a token of appreciation, enhancing customer retention.



Limited-Time Offer Templates

Limited-time offer templates are designed to create urgency and prompt quick action from customers by highlighting time-sensitive promotions or discounts. These templates often include countdown timers, specific end dates, and strong call-to-action buttons. They are effective for flash sales, special events, or any scenario where a quick response is desired to maximize participation.


Limited-Time Offer Templates can help you in:


  1. Flash Sales: Promote short-term sales events with clear deadlines, encouraging customers to act quickly to take advantage of discounts.
  2. Special Events: Highlight exclusive offers available for a limited time during special events or holidays, driving immediate engagement.
  3. Urgent Promotions: Create a sense of urgency with time-sensitive promotions, compelling customers to make faster purchasing decisions.
  4. Boosting Engagement: Use countdown timers and end dates to enhance the perceived value of offers, increasing customer interaction and conversion rates.


While these new templates give a breather for new marketing experiments, it is important keep in mind certain things before you go all in for WhatsApp marketing.

Here is the list of things a brand should keep in mind when you use WhatsApp as a communication channel for your brand:


  1. Conciseness: It is necessary to keep messages short and direct while creating WhatsApp message templates to respect the WhatsApp message limit and ensure clarity.
  2. Personalized Communication: Customize messages with emojis, images, videos, PDFs to enhance engagement. Ensure each message must have a clear call to action. Further use a WhatsApp chatbot to help nurture the leads.
  3. Frequency and Quality: Maintain a balanced frequency of 5-6 messages per month to avoid overwhelming recipients. Prioritize quality over quantity to keep business messages relevant and valuable.
  4. Avoid Requesting Sensitive Information: Never ask for personal or sensitive information from customers within WhatsApp messages to maintain trust and security.
  5. Consistency and Clarity: Use consistent language and tone across messages. Aim for concise sentences to avoid confusion. Avoid complicated jargon that may hinder understanding.
  6. Compliance and Monitoring: Compliance with WhatsApp guidelines is necessary to send message templates via WhatsApp Business API. Every template needs an approval by WhatsApp ( Meta). Monitor quality metrics closely, including status updates like Pending, Approved, Rejected, Flagged, and Disabled, to ensure templates meet platform standards. 
  7. Review and Revision: Regularly review and revise your WhatsApp business message templates based on feedback and performance metrics. Make necessary adjustments to improve engagement and compliance before you submit a new template.


In conclusion, WhatsApp Marketing continues to redefine customer engagement with its unparalleled reach and personalized communication capabilities. While its effectiveness is evident, brands must navigate carefully to avoid being perceived as spammy. By leveraging innovative templates such as catalogs, carousels, forms, locations, copy codes, and limited-time offers, businesses can enhance customer interaction and drive sales effectively.


For brands looking to optimize their WhatsApp marketing strategy and explore the full potential of these dynamic templates, booking a demo with can provide invaluable insights and tailored solutions. Discover how to elevate your customer engagement and achieve sustainable growth in the digital marketplace.

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