Robotic Process Automation for Enterprises

Robotic process automation


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is an innovative technology that assists in automating structured business processes. It is the process of deploying pieces of software or software “robots” that automatically perform certain tasks without human intervention. It is a revolutionary technology gaining massive popularity within enterprises today and with good reason. According to Gartner, RPA is the fastest-growing segment of the global enterprise software.


RPA has taken over repetitive and low-value tasks that were initially required to be performed by human personnel in an enterprise, costing both money and time.


These robots are artificial intelligence workers that emulate and mimic a human while performing labor-intensive processes, freeing up high-value employees. They perform rule-based routine tasks with much higher efficiency.


The automation software learns a process and then performs it as and when required without tiring.


It successfully automates functions like data entry, data extraction, email automation and generating reports to name a few. RPA can also be implemented to perform industry-specific tasks such as payment processing, generating invoices, filling forms and other departmentmental structured processes.


Processes that are eligible for such automation have the following general characteristics


  • Rule-based processes
  • Involving high volumes of transactions
  • Manual and repetitive
  • High-frequency batch processes
  • Labour – intensive
  • Error -prone involving calculations


What differentiates RPA from traditional IT automation is the capability to be aware and adapt to changing circumstances, exceptions and new situations.  In case of a change in process, a change in a few lines of software code is always faster and cheaper than retraining hundreds of employees.



RPA with Kevit’s Cognitive Solution

At Kevit we believe that implementing RPA can transform operations for not just your employees but equally enhance your customer’s experience. Our cognitive solution provides a platform that communicates with your user while implementing additional RPA services that the conversational agent communicates with.’s solution helps enterprises inject RPA with cognitive technologies like ML and Natural Language Processing capabilities in order to provide a solution that can perform higher-order tasks apart from basic automation. However, our chat agent communicates effectively with your customers and communicates with backend RPA robots to build a virtual ecosystem for your industry. A bot that can read emails, analyse data, inject and fetch from databases, parse user queries and much more.



The scalability and flexibility of our solution goes beyond the clerical RPA software.


Apart from basic data manipulation these RPA agents can also read and analyse the data in order to generate intuitive reports, identify user’s sentiment and more.



Benefits for your business

RPA stands to revolutionise enterprise processes with tangible cost reduction, quick return on investment and higher efficiency. A few of a long list of benefits of this technology are –


  • Cost Savings – 

RPA solution helps you reduce operational costs involved in manual operation of processes. It also saves businesses costs involved in training employees to perform these operational tasks. It increases efficacy by increasing throughput and saving time. These bots are 3x faster than their human counterparts.


  • Higher Productivity and Accuracy –

 Manual processing always involves a percentage of human error. RPA eliminates this possibility and increases both accuracy and efficiency. Softwares are highly accurate while performing rule based tasks and increase the overall output that your enterprise generates in a day.


  • Improved Employee Productivity – 

A large amount of time of employees is invested in performing high volume repetitive tasks that are necessary on a day to day basis. They may succumb to boredom and affect their productivity to a great extent. RPA tools assist in freeing up this workforce to perform high value tasks and focus on troubleshooting, strategizing and focus on intellectual aspects of your business enhancing an overall performance per day.


  • Higher ROI – 

With greater efficiency, accuracy and employee engagement  RPA solutions are successful in generating higher ROI in a very short span since implementing it. The results are noticeable since overall throughput of the enterprise increases, especially in reducing operational costs and improving employee engagement.


  • Scalability and Flexibility – 

This automation tool introduces flexibility in your business operations, easily scales when there is a sudden increase in the demand or volume. It also yields scalability in terms of being able to be implemented over a variety of operations as and when required.


  • No new IT Architecture – 

These bots can be implemented right over enterprises’ existing IT infrastructure. Since these are robotic software they integrate with existing tools used by the company, saving you costs for implementing completely new architecture. RPA’s popularity is growing because of the fact that it functions well with legacy systems as well.


RPA tools will prove to be a digital extension of your workforce, becoming a game-changer for your business. Look to harness the power of automation with our cognitive RPA solution. Mail us at to get a tailored RPA solution for your enterprise or visit us at to know more about how artificial intelligence can transform business operations.

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