Solar Energy Businesses – Time to shine with WhatsApp Automation

whatsapp automation for solar industry

As the world increasingly turns towards renewable resources to combat climate change and ensure a sustainable future, governments worldwide are actively promoting initiatives to support the transition. In line with this global trend, the Interim Budget 2024 in India marks a pivotal moment for the renewable energy sector. With a firm commitment to boost renewable energy adoption and reduce carbon emissions, the government has proposed substantial funding exceeding Rs 11,500 crore for some renewable energies combined.

Against this backdrop of increasing demand and government backing, solar brands stand at the forefront of a transformative opportunity. By leveraging innovative strategies and digital technologies, they can capitalize on the increasing market for solar energy solutions. One such strategy involves harnessing the power of platforms like WhatsApp for automation.

With millions of potential customers already using WhatsApp for communication and interaction, it presents an ideal platform for solar brands to connect with their audience. By integrating automation tools and chatbot functionalities within WhatsApp, solar brands can streamline marketing, customer engagement, deliver personalized assistance, and drive business growth.


How WhatsApp Automation can help Solar Industry

1.  Increase Inquiries
• Use WhatsApp to start conversations and gather contact information from potential customers.
• Run campaigns and click-to-WhatsApp ads to attract interested users and encourage them to provide their details for follow-up.

2. Qualify Leads
• Use a WhatsApp chatbot to interact with leads, asking targeted questions to understand their needs and prioritize follow-up.
• Offer a WhatsApp-based form for users to provide information, helping assess lead quality and prioritize follow-up actions.

3. Single Click Customer Support 
• Provide quick assistance to existing customers with a single click through WhatsApp.
• Offer live chat support for immediate assistance and resolution of customer queries.

4. Promote Product Knowledge
• Share helpful information and resources about solar products and solutions through WhatsApp.
• Offer educational videos showing key features or help book consultations with experts for demo purposes.


WhatsApp Business API – Use Cases for Solar Energy Businesses


Attraction Stage

  1. Engage Customers with Click-to-WhatsApp Ads
    These ads allow users to initiate a chat directly on WhatsApp with your business. Utilize the WhatsApp Business API for automated responses or to connect users with live agents.


  2. Boost Interest with Targeted WhatsApp Campaigns
    Launch targeted WhatsApp campaigns to attract potential customers. Use templates with compelling content and visuals to generate interest and prompt users to message your business.


  3. Enhance Website Interaction with WhatsApp Widget
    Integrate a WhatsApp widget on your website for seamless communication. This widget provides visitors with easy access to information or support directly through WhatsApp.

  4. Simplify Connections with a Missed Call Alert System
    Implement a missed call alert system where users can engage with your business by giving a missed call. Use’s platform webhook to send automated WhatsApp messages and effectively nurture these leads.

  5. Drive Engagement with QR Codes on Print Materials
    Enhance print materials like brochures, flyers, or posters with QR codes linked to WhatsApp. When scanned, these QR codes enable users to start a WhatsApp conversation for additional information or assistance.

Consideration Stage

  1. Provide Instant Assistance with Automated Chatbot Messages
    WhatsApp chatbots can help deliver instant responses to common inquiries, such as product information, pricing, and frequently asked questions. Guide users through the consideration process by providing relevant information efficiently.

  2. Collect Insights with Integrated Inquiry Forms
    Embed a WhatsApp inquiry form within your chatbot flow to gather detailed information from users. These forms can help streamline communication, help collec user input without the need of leaving the chat anytime. This data then can be used to personalize interactions and offer tailored solutions to meet their specific needs.

  3. Facilitate Decisions with Product Inquiries and Catalog Sharing
    Enable users to inquire about solar panels or services via WhatsApp. Share product catalogs or brochures directly through WhatsApp to provide detailed information and assist users in their decision-making process.

  4. Help Users Locate Nearby Dealers
    Utilize WhatsApp to assist users in finding nearby dealers or distributors. Provide contact details and directions through automated messages or chatbot interactions for convenience.

  5. Guide Users to Company Offices
    Similar to dealer locations, help users find your company’s offices or branches using WhatsApp. Share addresses, contact information, and operating hours to enhance user convenience.

Decision and Advocacy Stage

  1. Offer Real-Time Support with Live Chat
    Provide live chat support via WhatsApp, allowing users to speak directly with agents for complex issues. Deliver real-time assistance, address concerns, and guide users through their decision-making process.

  2. Gather Insights with Feedback Forms
    Collect customer feedback through WhatsApp to understand their experiences and enhance your services.’s platform makes it easy to integrate with CRM systems or any other third party platform to collect user data in one place.

  3. Streamline Complaint Resolution with Registration Forms
    Enable customers to register complaints or report issues via WhatsApp. Automate the process with chatbots to ensure prompt, efficient resolution which helps to enhance customer satisfaction.

  4. Maintain Satisfaction with Maintenance Checkup Alerts
    Send automated reminders and alerts for project updates and scheduled maintenance checkups via WhatsApp. Keep customers informed and ensure their solar systems are functioning optimally by maintaining regular checkups.

Power of WhatsApp Automation

  1. 30% Increase in Lead Generation

    • Our solutions drive a 30% increase in lead generation, helping you reach more potential customers and grow your business faster. Experience a significant boost in your sales pipeline with targeted sales and marketing notifications and integration of WhatsApp forms.

  2. 75% Automation of Business Processes on WhatsApp

    • Achieve seamless automation of up to 75% of your business processes on WhatsApp, streamlining operations and enhancing efficiency. Our chatbots handle routine tasks, freeing up your team to focus on more strategic activities.

  3. 80% Reduction in Support Costs

    • WhatsApp integration can help reduce support costs by 80% with our advanced AI chatbots that ensure timely, accurate responses to customer inquiries. Lower your operational costs while maintaining high-quality customer service around the clock with little to no manual intervention required.


By embracing innovative technologies and automation, solar energy businesses can not only capitalize on the growing market demand but also contribute to a more sustainable future with solar power. Harnessing our platform’s power of automation enables these companies to leverage WhatsApp to automate various business processes and make them conversational to enhance customer engagement.

Get started with WhatsApp Business API to connect with customers with cost-effective , offer superior service, increase customer satisfaction and drive long-term growth in the dynamic renewable energy landscape.

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