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AI chatbots


AI Chatbots are computer programs that perform a conversation with a user in a natural language. It understands the user’s questions and sends responses based on the organization’s data. These chatbots and Artificial Intelligence are the best combination to process language.


Over the last few years, we can notice some critical changes in customer’s behavior. Messaging apps are now platforms of convenience and customers expect to make their life easier and get things done by just their voice.


● 57% of users are interested in getting real-time answers from bots on a business website.

● 48% of consumers would rather connect with a company via live chat/chatbot than any other means of contact.

● Around 20 billion messages are sent between people and businesses each month on Facebook Messenger.


April 2016 is the time when Facebook announced that they were opening their messaging platform to allow businesses to deliver automated customer support, e-commerce guidance, content, and interactive experience through chatbots. During the announcement, Facebook shared that anyone could make chatbots for various industries and bots will be capable of complex tasks such as reservations, tracking a package, or ordering an item from a retailer. Now in 2020, There are 300,000 active Messenger bots on the platform. So,



Do AI Chatbots have inherent advantages over Websites and Mobile Apps?

Ever since chatbots came onboard, a lot has changed in the mobile app development and website development industry. Chatbots are changing these industries in many unexpected ways. Chatbot has a unified interface, plus it takes less development time than Website and Mobile Apps with Lower Development Cost. Therefore, Chatbots are more advanced technology and it does not affect the user’s storage space, they do not need to download most of the bots, they are already available on various platforms which user uses on a daily basis.


Chatbots have several benefits over traditional GUIs. First, they can simplify applications for users. Instead of using an interface or website to find information, Users can just say or type what they want. Users can also eliminate multi-step from tasks into a single command, such as, “Order 2 glasses of Orange juice from RK Juice Bar and Set a reminder of today at 2 P.M to drink that juice”.


Secondly, chatbots may require little training, after that they can understand natural language and translate it into actions. We use natural language for every interaction since we are born. So, it’s the most comfortable interaction which humans use. The bot gives you that Human-like feels over the traditional channels.


Third, there are many tools out there allowing companies to communicate with multiple users by using email marketing, social media, and websites. Unfortunately, these tools do not help companies to communicate with people on a personal level. But with chatbots, you can now do individual targeting and Reach mass amounts of people at the individual level.



5 Reasons to deploy AI chatbots to innovate your business:

1. Cognitive Digital Experiences

Conversational, and voice-based interfaces like Siri, Google Home, Cortana, and Alexa are expanding the range of digital experiences. It is about to replace the multi-touchpoint brand era. They allow customers to interact with devices in a more spontaneous way and bring new levels of convenience.


2. Intelligent Interactions

Chatbots create an invisible bridge between customer engagement and business growth. This bridge helps you to develop better customer services. Bots can help create a more personalized and proactive communication to serve content based, convenient, and pleasant experiences.


3. Accelerate Operations

Chatbot has some unlimited access to repetitive tasks, which human agents don’t. For example, human agents are capable of handling limited conversations, where chatbots operate beyond that limit, which creates free time for your employees so that you can use them for more complex and important tasks.


4. Business Branding with Minimum Effort

Competition is getting higher in every business. Customers are seeking a solution that does not require much trouble and at the same time offers an unlimited solution. Marketers and agencies can experiment chatbots to increase ad performance and organic reach and deliver marketing automation.


5. More Success Chance as Early Adopter

Adoption of a chatbot is on the rise, as enterprises look for ways to improve user experience and increase productivity in a cost-effective manner. If your business is the first to adopt new technology, it has more chance to owe success. So, get a chatbot before your competitors do.


Apart from the few reasons listed above can work with your agency to provide maximum functionality depending on your requirements. To discover how your business can also implement a chatbot for newer revenue opportunities contact us or mail us at

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