WhatsApp Marketing VS SMS Marketing



We are all aware of how SMS marketing has aided companies in enhancing various facts of their operations. SMS marketing has achieved some remarkable milestones for businesses in a number of areas, including sales and persuasion, loyalty programs and the delivery of high-quality services. However, with the popularity of messaging apps like WhatsApp in recent years, people have begun to share multimedia, links, and even shop on these apps. SMS VS WhatsApp Marketing, we discovered that while the two services have similar overall objectives, they are executed differently. A elevated summary of each of us and our opinions on the matter is provided below.



WhatsApp Marketing 

WhatsApp Marketing is a relatively new form of marketing that uses the popular messaging app WhatsApp to reach customers. It is similar to SMS Marketing, but instead of using SMS messages, it uses WhatsApp Messenger. This implies that business profiles can use the WhatsApp API to communicate with their clients and send them advertising messages. The advantages of this type of marketing include the ability to reach a large number of people at once, build relationships with customers, and create personalised campaigns. Additionally, because WhatsApp is free to use, businesses don’t have to worry about spending money on advertising or paying for SMS messages. As a result, WhatsApp Marketing is becoming increasingly popular as businesses look for more cost-effective ways to market their products and services. 



SMS Marketing 

SMS Marketing is a form of marketing using Short Message Service to send promotional messages & other notifications to potential customers. This type of marketing involves sending short text messages to mobile devices or smartphones with the aim of promoting products or services. It’s a fantastic way to connect with your audience and grow your brand while they’re on the go. To make use of SMS marketing in your business strategy, you need to recognize the potential of SMS and include it in your overall marketing plan. The advantages of using SMS Marketing are that it’s cost-effective, instant and can generate a high response rate from customers due to its personal nature. With the right message, you can easily reach out to thousands of people within seconds, making it one of the most powerful tools for any business. 



WhatsApp Marketing VS SMS Marketing 

Between SMS vs WhatsApp, reasons why WhatsApp Marketing is superior platform for company’s marketing campaign: 


WhatsApp Marketing VS SMS Marketing


  • Visual Call-To-Actions: 

Being more user-friendly is a benefit of WhatsApp Marketing. People are accustomed to interacting with visual CTAs, making it simple and quick for them to click through. For users, the process is less straightforward and natural when using SMS because it is restricted to texts and links. We recommend using WhatsApp when you want your audience to respond to you because it makes process simple for them.


  • A More Economical Option: 

WhatsApp is the more affordable option when comparing SMS and WhatsApp for business. If the number in your database is inaccurate or inactive, you will still be charged because most SMS providers charge you for unsuccessful deliveries. Via WhatsApp, you only pay for messages that reach their intended recipient. You can keep sending messages without worrying that any will fail and cost you money.  


  • Multimedia Information: 

You can use rich media like images, videos, and documents when using WhatsApp for marketing. The engaging component of communication is missing, you can’t send this if you focus all your efforts on SMS marketing. You can send a static text message or an interactive, media-rich message on WhatsApp also encourages audience engagement. 


  • Direct App Store Purchases: 

Do you wish to raise the likelihood of a sale? The good news is that. Adding an “Add to Cart” button to your message allows you to let potential customers add the product to their cart from within the same app if you use WhatsApp Business API to send messages.  


Contrarily, customers who receive SMS messages must click the link in order to visit the website before adding items to their cart, which requires more work on their part and reduces your chances of making a sale.  


  • Buttons with interactivity: 

WhatsApp marketing is the way to go if you want to interact with your audience in contemporary and simple way. Compared to SMS, WhatsApp marketing has a much more user-friendly and interactive interface. Your message will be more compelling and appealing to customers with features like buttons and list nodes. However, sending and receiving SMS is so… monotonous! The end result is that you can communicate with your audience on WhatsApp much more successfully and with less effort. 


  • Increased Open Rate:

Do you know the news? The open rates for WhatsApp are 1% higher than those for SMS. Yes, that might not seem like much, but if you run an eCommerce business or are a marketer, you know what a huge difference even 1% can make. Compare those percentages first: WhatsApp is at 99 percent, while SMS is at 98 percent. This indicates that 1% more people are opening your WhatsApp messages than SMS messages. When you put it that way, there is definitely a difference. When you take into account that this crucial marketing metric has the potential to both directly and indirectly influence sales, the difference is even more pronounced. 


  • Most Effective Marketing Channel for Two-Way Communication: 

First things your audience consists of actual people who regularly engage in actual conversation. You must consider how they converse with one another as a marketer and use this knowledge to guide your interactions. The fundamental component of SMS marketing is one-way communication. Simply put, your customers receive the messages you send them. However, WhatsApp marketing is a completely different situation. It enables you to interact with your clients on a two-way basis and develop stronger bonds with them. They can respond to your messages and interact with you, which can assist you in converting them. 


  • The ability to use more characters: 

You can send your customers an entire message at once because WhatsApp texts can contain up to 1024 characters. If you want to include a comprehensive promotional message without going over budget, WhatsApp is undoubtedly the way to go since SMS charges longer texts at the rate of multiple messages sent beyond the limits of SMS capabilities. 



To Sum Up 

Even though SMS marketing is good for spreading your marketing message, compared to WhatsApp, it sometimes feels like you are shouting into nothing. With WhatsApp, you can communicate with leads and customers in real-time, allowing you to actually speak with people who are considering buying your products. However, this does not imply that you should stop using text marketing altogether. In actuality, you can take advantage of both platforms, reach a larger audience, and boost conversion rates. However, given how frequently people use it and WhatsApp’s more interactive interface, we advise incorporating it into your marketing plan.


You can easily create targeted ads that people use WhatsApp for Business to reach only the right customers based on location, demographics, or interests tight integration with Facebook’s advertising platform and its sophisticated targeting options. The time has come to join the WhatsApp train if you want to generate more leads and boost your sales. Serve your customers in a better way using Kevit.io WhatsApp chat instead text-based marketing and you can contact us or mail us at coffee@kevit.io.

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