Drive Sales with WhatsApp Ecommerce Chatbot in Festive Season!

Drive Sales with WhatsApp Ecommerce Chatbot in Festive Season!

If there’s any industry that has seen rocketship-like growth from the time of its outset, it’s the Ecommerce industry with $4.23 trillion worldwide sales in 2020 and global sales expected to total $4.92 trillion worldwide in 2021.
All About AI Chatbot That You Need To Know

All About AI Chatbot That You Need To Know

Know what is an AI Chatbot and why it's necessary for your business and customer support with Kevit Technologies.

WhatsApp Ecommerce: New Market For Your Business

E-commerce is the new way of shopping and automate your WhatsApp business platform and be where your customers are. Automate your WhatsApp conversations and open doors to a while new market for your business with Kevit.
Insurance Chatbot Transform Insurance Industry With AI bots

Insurance Chatbot: Transform Insurance Industry With AI bots

Digitally transform the Insurance industry using Conversational AI Chatbots. Complex processes are now simpler and smoother with these insurance bots.
Facebook Messenger Chatbot How They Can Help Businesses

Facebook Messenger Chatbot: How They Can Help Businesses?

Facebook Messenger with Chatbots are taking over the customer world with interactive and quicker responses. Read along with us to know more about these bots and why every business on Facebook is after them.
Conversational AI Chatbots Are Smart But Safe Too

Conversational AI Chatbots Are Smart But Safe Too?

When giving so much information to a chatbot, it's necessary to make sure that all the data stays in safe hands. Since chatbots have become a prime target for hackers and malware, it is necessary to tighten the security and add more protection layers to safeguard all the customer data.
Education Chatbots Virtual Classroom Teachers

Education Chatbots: Virtual Classroom Teachers

The pandemic has forced us to sit in front of our TVs and mobile phones. […]
Conversational Commerce Build an Organic Relation with Clients

Conversational Commerce: Build an Organic Relation with Clients

It's time that we redefine Ecommerce and let Conversational Commerce take control of all the seamless and automatic that your brand can have with your customers making them feel heard and valued.

What is Voicebot and Why Your Business Might Want One?

Like Chatbots, Voicebots too are the gift of AI and NLU, best suited for customer support and customer engagement. Voice being the most natural and faster form of communication now combines with AI to serve customers with a human touch.
Automated cares grows up

Healthcare Chatbots: Automated Care Grows Up

Last two consecutive years have proved that humans now have to be prepared for all health related emergencies and Healthcare Chatbots are ready to help them. heathcare and artificial intelligence have combined to complement all the efforts doctors and all medical staff puts for us.

WhatsApp Business API Features for Businesses

Before diving into WhatsApp Business Features, let’s know a little bit of history to understand how rolled up to the WhatsApp Business.
Secret Formula of Conversational AI Not a Secret Anymore

Conversational AI: Secret Formula not a Secret Anymore

A chatbot is a great tool that simulates human-like conversations. Chatbot is expert to help users by providing answers to their questions.